Officials Hotels/Motels of the 2017 Canadian Championship

Partnerships have been developed with hotels to insure you the best rates during the championship.

You can contact them immediately to book your rooms.

 Don’t wait too long, many events will be

taking place in the area and rooms book up fast!

(click on link below and ask special rates of the event)


Hôtel Econo Lodge (20)

8350 Boul Taschereau,Brossard,Québec,J4X 1C2—450-466-2186

Contact: RÉFÉRENCE 2799

Two double beds , $107 + taxes


Hôtel Comfort Inn (27)

7863 Boul Taschereau,Brossard,Québec,J4X 1A4—450-678-9350

Contact: Madame Reaburn

Two double beds, $143 + taxes



Hotel WelcomInns   (20)

1195 Ampere St.

Boucherville, QC, J4B 7M6

- Contact for reservation -

Andréa Gauthier

Phone number: 450-449-1011

- Rate -

Two double beds with breakfast buffet included,

$116 plus tax.*



Motel Falcon (ALMOST FULL ! HURRY UP!14 left!)

6225 Taschereau Bl.

Brossard, QC, J4Z 1A6

- Contact for reservation -

Hamed Zouaghi

Phone number: 450-676-0215

- Rate -

Starting at $86.




2019 Taschereau Bl.

Longueuil, QC, J4K 2Y1

- Contact for reservation -

- Rate -

Two standard beds /

Queen-sized or double beds for 2

people, $105 (taxes included).

Other room categories are available upon




Hotel Mortagne (20)

1228 Nobel St.

Boucherville, QC, J4B 5H1

- Contact for reservation -

Katrine Montbriand

Phone number: 450-655-8981

- Rate -

One king-size bed or two double bed,

$179 plus tax.*

*Rates are guaranteed up to 30 days before the event. If you make your reservation past that date, current rates will apply.






Hôtel Comfort Inn Boucherville (20)

96 Boul De Mortagne ,Boucherville ,Québec,J4B 5M7—450-641-2880

Contact: Marthe Langlois ou Christian Gonzalez entre 8:00am ET 16:00pm

Chambre 2 lits doubles, $135 + taxes