Contact info

 Stéphane Chapdelaine: 514 586-4600 (Text or Call)

-teams registrations Manager,infos...



Stéphane Auger : 514 424-5594

-Facebook and Softball Canada sites manager, any question on the event? will be my pleasure to help you!

-Parc La Rabastalière, St-Bruno manager


Sacha Pécher     : 514 715-1419

-Pointstreak manager,any questions on pointstreak? will be my pleasure to help you!

-Parc des Ruisseaux, St-Basile LeGrand,manager


Martin Wagner    : 514 616-7060

-Hotel-motels,car rentals...need infos or help? it will be a pleasure for me to help you!

-Parc des Trinitaires, St-Basile LeGrand ,manager