History of Hosts and Champions

Women's Slo-Pitch Canadian Championship

Year Location Champion
2016 Whitehorse, YT Adrenaline (BC)
2015 Dorchester, ON Home Run Sports Mizuno Ladybirds (ON) 
2014 Fort McMurray, AB Home Run Sports Ladybirds (ON)
2013 Leduc, AB Sparqs (AB)
2012 Dorchester, ON Home Run Sports/Mizuno Ladybirds (ON)
2011 Dorchester, ON Toronto Griffins (ON)
2010 Surrey, BC Edmonton Sparqs (AB)
2009 Lethbridge, AB Higgins Pro Team Ward & Patch (ON)
2008 Surrey, BC Impact (AB)
2007 Windsor, ON Higgins Pro Team (ON)
2006 Surrey, BC Bison Blondes (MB)
2005 Winnipeg, MB Bison Blondes (MB)
2004 Trois-Rivières, QC Ambrose/Easton (ON)
2003 Surrey, BC Feelin' It (ON)
2002 Windsor, ON Bierman's Club Shawinigan (QC)
2001 Medecine Hat, AB Ambrose/Easton (ON)
2000 London, ON Bierman's Club (QC)
1999 Dorchester, ON Ambrose/Easton (ON)
1998 Prince Albert, SK Dorchester Sports (ON)
1997 Fleurimont, QC Dorchester Sports (ON)
1996 Dorchester, ON Southwood Hotel (ON)
1995 Dorchester, ON Le Felix (QC)
1994 Calgary, AB MAS London (AB)
1993 Moncton, NB White Oaks Sports Club (ON)
1992 Medicine Hat, AB Supres de St-Charles (QC)
1991 Vancouver, BC Lethbridge Val Matteotti Suntanas (AB)
1990 Moncton, NB (QC)
1989 Whitehorse, YT Lethbridge Val Matteotti Suntanas (AB)
1988   Déménagement Drummond (QC)
1987 Bow Island, AB London Ted Dilts Gems (ON)
1986   London Ted Dilts Gems (ON)
1985   London Ted Dilts Gems (ON)